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Michael Nichols of Whidbey Green Goods has an extensive knowledge of the Puget Sound farming community. In our 9th year, it is our commitment to You to procure and deliver the freshest and healthiest food to you and your family! 

Welcome to Whidbey Green Goods!

Where the Healthy Choice of Local Food is the Easy Choice!

The Weekly Scoop
keeps you up to date on new Items in the Web Store, what's hot and Items soon to come online. We will also offer tips & tricks for your own garden as well as news about the Local Food scene! 
Musings on Local Food is where WGG steps back and reflects on the news and trends  in the Local Food movement.
Have a favorite kale dish? Pass it on to your neighbors using  Shared Recipes

The Freshest and the Best!
• WGG's suppliers are Passionate about the Food they grow!
• Certified Organic or Naturally Grown
• Delivered farm direct to You!

• Weekly Offerings of some 250-350 different Items from 70+ Suppliers in our Web Store
• Weekly offerings in Produce, Meat & Seafood, Dairy, Baked Goods, Snacks, Coffee, Jams & Honey, Sauces & Meal Kits.

• Shop, Order & Pay Online
• Delivered to your door!